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Canada Goose Citadel Parka, Navy

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Shell: 85% polyester / 15% cotton; Lining: 100% Nylon
Natural Coyote (Canada)
Dry clean only after removing ruff
Shell 195-Grams arctic tech, 85% polyester, 15% cotton
625 Fill power white duck down
Removable Coyote fur ruff surrounding an adjustable hood
Made in Canada
Dry clean only after removing ruff
Canada Goose Women’s Rideau Parka
Outer shell: 85% Polyester / 15% cotton; Lining: 100% Nylon
Two drop-in pockets with flaps secured with Military button closures
Interior backpack shoulder straps allow the wearer to carry over their shoulder
Two-way adjustable hood (hood opening, vertically)
Napoleon pocket with zipper closure
Lower hand pockets: two fleece-lined welt hand warming pockets
Centre back length: 28″/71.12cm
Chances are most of you shopping for a new Canada Goose jacket aren’t planning to spend 6 months in Antarctica.
Many of you (like myself) are simply looking for the best possible coat/parka money can buy that will keep you toasty during a rough cold patch.

If that’s the case, the Citadel jacket is probably a good bet.

canada goose jacket mens sale There has been the mixed opinion from critics about just how good a Canada Goose jacket is when the high price tag is taken into account in relation to other, less-expensive (but still pricey) parkas. I can say that if you simply ignore that debate and have the cash to burn, you can’t go wrong with the Citadel Parka.

In short – the Citadel is a more form-fitting (and slightly less tasty) version of their signature Expedition Parka. On CG’s heat scale, this parka will technically keep you warm up to -25C. Again, that’s less coverage than the Expedition – but that jacket was also designed for scientists who spend half a year working on science projects in Antarctica – not for people who live in New York, Michigan, Maine or Minnesota.

Just for comparison purposes, I tried both the Citadel and Expedition at my local sporting goods shop. I can tell you this.

canada goose mens bomber 1. Both parks are ridiculously toasty. I mean if you’re indoors, if you have this coat on, anything more than a T-shirt will have you sweating profusely in minutes. When you’re outside, both parkas make you feel absolutely fine (unless it’s -30C outside, which is more than unlikely 99% of the time). On a day when the wind chill was 9F, I had my Citadel on and I didn’t feel a thing (I was wearing a shirt and tie underneath). The Expedition will surely be the same, if not warmer.

2. The Citadel is definitely more form-fitting. When you put it on, you don’t look like you’re wearing a huge tent. Again, if you’re going to be hanging out with Polar Bears for months at a time, the Expedition will probably be better and wherever you are you won’t really care if you look like the Michelin Man. However, for other folks, the slimmer cut of the Citadel is much more appealing.

canada goose jacket womens 3. Sizing is different for the Citadel vs Expedition. We all know Canada Goose sizes run large but there is a difference between those jackets.
For the Citadel I took it one size smaller than my usual size (XL). For the Expedition, I had to drop two sizes, and even dropping a third was still tolerable. I’m 6 feet tall with a 34-inch waist. For the Citadel the L was a perfect fit. The M was a bit too tight in the chest area (due to the form-fitting nature of the parka). With the Expedition the M size was still pretty big. S felt a bit snug so M was the better option even if it still felt like I was wearing a big warm tent on my body.

canada goose jackets on sale 4. The Citadel has plenty of pockets (like the Expedition) though you can take off the fur lining on the hood of the Citadel (You can’t on the Expedition unless you buy the PBI edition of the Expedition parka, which has that option).

canada goose jacket clearance In short – if you’re looking for the ultimate hardcore cold weather Canada Goose jacket but don’t want to look like a huge marshmallow .. the Citadel is your best choice. Again, I emphasize that unless you’re going to be working in the Arctic or South Pole, the Citadel will do fine. Frankly, if you’re prone to getting hot, this parka might be too hot for you. But if you’re serious about staying warm and want something that still looks fairly stylish (and money is no object) then this is a great choice.

If I had to sum it up, I feel like I’m still in my warm bed when I wear this coat outside. It’s pretty cushy and comfy.

Think of it this way, this coat is solid (and Canadian made) and will last you like 10 years or more. Think of it as spending 85 bucks a year for 10 years to stay 100% warm and worry-free about any cold blasts that might come your way.

canada goose coat This citadel jacket is very warm, I ordered it after trying the expedition jacket. I am a woman, but 6 foot tall and I preferred this style in Men’s since it gave me the extra length in the arms and also extended coverage in the legs since it’s already a longer style of men’s jacket by Canada Goose. It was also slimmer it fit and less bulky looking – I did not feel like the Michelin tire man wearing it! In comparing the two styles, I do wish the hood on this one was more like the hood the expedition – I feel this hood is much floppier in style and you cannot adjust it front to back (you could not on the expedition either) but I think the ruff being removable on the citadel is what makes it floppier. I also found this coat to run a bit large. All that being said, it is a very warm coat, and well constructed!
canada goose outlet I’m 5’11” 320lbs and this jacket are only slightly snug in the hips, it is not uncomfortable or constricting. It is by far the warmest jacket I’ve ever worn. The main purpose for purchase was daily commute via Ferry from NJ to NYC. I highly recommend this to anyone considering a new winter jacket who lives in an area with harsh winter seasons. It is expensive but the quality is instantly noticed.
It is Canada goose product with regular slim fit gives you a super look no bulkiness only comfort for the cold weather I changed the color now I have in graphite color which is everybody’s favorite
If you wear Stake for this product XS only. It’s fit too large.
Parka is very warm. Hood with fur just amazing.
Velcro, as for me, is not very convenient and practical.
Not to match comfortably. Maybe because I got a wrong size.

Two and a half months later…

canada goose parka Parka gets dirty with time. Silver birch color is not practical.
I can’t wear my navy wool sports coat with that parka because down and feathers a little stick to them. Amazing jacket!! SUPER warm in cold Chicago winter. Best money ever spent for a jacket for winter. 6’2″, 195lbs, male, large fits perfect!! highly recommend
Very nice parka, warm and well made. Perfect for Boston winter. Especially at the windy weather when regular down coat not really working.
Warm parka with the good quality. Helps in Russia with the really cold weather. Has been tested in -25 with the north wind
this parka is generally pretty good. But, but, yes but, the fleece at the top of the zipper is a bug. It is falling off all the time. Right now, it is a really ugly piece of nylon and nobody could fix it including Canada Goose.
The jacket is perfect, but it turned out to be 100 $ more for the jacket with you, instead of buying it in Norway!!!
canada goose Sale WOW!!! This is the ultimate parka for the trip to Alaska and the Klondike in the planning. I’ll give it a test run in the Sierra Nevada Mountains this coming winter. First thing I did was look for the hologram to ensure it was genuine and it was. There are a LOT of counterfeiters — and no wonder for such an expensive parka. If the Canada Goose Parka you are buying is less than $650 to $800 new depending on the model, it is likely a knock-off. Go to Canada Goose’s website and click “counterfeit” at the bottom of the page to see if your seller is a genuine distributor. You can check out their thermal rating system and the different models of parkas and jackets, as well as the available colors. The size was a little large, but putting it on over a T-shirt I expected it to be. Covers to mid-thigh, and plenty of nifty pockets. Quality is superb and Canada Goose’s reputation is impeccable and known around the world. In this case, it really is “You get what you pay for.” I’m happy!

Minus: a gate which blows, a little too short cuff, climbs pen (in a jacket for $ 800 !!!)
Plus: fits well, many pockets, quite warm,
Great, Warm, But but it’s smaller than other Canada goose.
Its size is similar to other clothes and is smaller than Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka.

canada goose jacket You will never be cold with this coat. I actually think its too warm if you can believe that. So I only wear it on intensely cold days and use an everyday coat for less cold days.

I already have the Canada goose Kensington parka which is the long length and fur trim. I’ve been very happy with that coat: super warm and stylish. I wanted an alternative that was more jacket length with perhaps a bit of bum coverage and without the fur ruff for less intense days but still providing good warmth. Thought I’d order the Rideau. I generally take a size 6 although sometimes I have to size up to an 8 due to broad shoulders and an athletic physique. My Kensington in a size small is somewhat fitted for a puffy coat but offers room for ease of movement. I ordered the small in the Rideau and it was perfect. Super cute on, Warm and comfortable to wear. I ordered from Amazon and the jacket is authentic Canada Goose: YKK zipper, correct tags including holographic tag, quality construction, even stitching, correct patch etc. I got navy which is a very blue/black dark navy and I love it. Only thing to note is that the neck/hood might not be for everyone as when you zip it all the way up the zipper comes up the neck, under the chin and projects out in front of the chin – this makes for a scuba type of projectile hood which is very effective on a cold windy day but just be aware that most of the time you have to leave it unzipped at the neck as shown in the photos or if you zip it half way up your neck extra material is going to be around your face (which I don’t mind but some might).
canada goose mens I bought one for myself, my wife and this one were for my mother-in-law.
Warmest jacket I have ever owned and would recommend CG for anyone that lives where its cold.
Thanks, CG for a great product.

canada goose jacket I bought this jacket from another Canada Goose affiliated website. I am 5’1″, 110 lbs., and regularly wear a size XS, so I bought this coat in Graphite size XS. I absolutely love it! It keeps you warm yet isn’t too heavy. The drawstring waist gives you a bit of curve. It fits perfectly, not too tight or too loose. It’s a great jacket and looks even better on!

If I could make any suggestions:
1) More length
This coat has a 28″center back length. At 5’1″, this coat reaches just to the bottom of my butt. For cold winters, I wish it was an inch or so longer.
2) Drawstring bottom
Being a shorter coat, I wish there was a drawstring on the bottom so I can pull it tight to my body to keep the wind from going up it.

canada goose Sale I would also like to add that I previously purchased the Montebello Parka and found the XS to be too small, so I am glad this jacket fits so well.

Unfortunately, I did not have both coats at the same time. I returned the Montebello and then bought the Rideau parka. From what I remember, the only difference between the two coats was that Rideau did not have a fur hood or a zipper pocket on the arm, and the XS Rideau fit me a tiny bit better. Considering the Rideau is about $100 cheaper, it was the best option for me. Hope this helps 🙂

Since you have both Montebello and Rideau, which one do you prefer? I am considering to buy either Montebello or Rideau. I am also 5’1 and 110lbs. I feel like both of them look the same, its just that one has a fur hood and the other one does not. Rideau is lighter than Montebello, I am not sure Rideau is also as warm as Montebello. It’s very hard to decide.

canada goose parka Several designs fails. Hood does not close tightly at the chin and flies off with an icy blast of wind despite the contraption on top to make it more fitting (that only serves to pull the hood back even more). My office is near water where its always windy and this hood is useless unless you are gripping it with one hand. A foot of dead space between the bottom of zipper and hem – no buttons to shut out the cold. Very heavy – makes you feel weighed down without much benefit. My other down jackets are lightweight and nearly as warm. The fact that its cotton on the outside makes it take forever to dry out from the slightest rain. Also, the cotton grips my backpack so I need another person’s help to get it off. On the plus side, it is about 10% warmer (where it covers) from any other jacket I have. Would not recommend – buy a cheaper generic one elsewhere

canada goose outlet I live in Chicago and even when the temp was 40 below with the wind chill, I was warm. My husband and I call our Canada Goose coats “The Bear” because they keep us toasty. I can stand outside in Chicago’s merciless wind at the bus stop and be ok. These coats are painfully expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s the warmest coat I’ve ever owned. The fur on the hood and the hood’s ability to be adjusted allows me to protect my face from the Chicago Hawk which is necessary when standing outside. Also, it’s long enough that the wind doesn’t get in under the coat. The sleeves ends are ribbed keeping the wind from sneaking in and the zipper is well designed so the wind doesn’t sneak in there. Highly recommend.

canada goose coat I am petite, 5’2″, and 105 lbs. I ordered an XXS, and I am in love with this coat (it hits me just below mid-calf). It took me a bit to take the plunge and make the investment, but I am so happy that I did. This coat will keep me very warm and dry during the Chicago winter. I was also surprised to see how lightweight the coat feels when I am wearing it. Very happy with the purchase!
When I told my sister what this coat cost, she said, “Wow! Send me a picture!”
I had to wise her up. “It just looks like a coat. The difference is once you put it on, you’re warm and happy, and every bit of you that’s covered by it is ready for any weather.” She lives in Los Angeles and didn’t feel she needed one. I live in Brooklyn, and it’s going to be Canada Goose now and forever.

canada goose jacket clearance I returned the coat as it was simply too large for my taste. It was beautiful and well made. The seller was very, very helpful. If you’re looking for a long, warm coat, this would be perfect! I need a coat that is bike friendly though and this was just too long and a bit too large.

Purchased this for my wife. She does not like cold weather and we live in the Chicago area. This has been one of our worst winters with several days below zero and several wind chills of 30 to 40 below. She loves her coat. It has never failed to keep her warm. She loves the length of the coat also. No complaints, no regrets. Thought the coat was rather expensive at first, but it is well worth it.
canada goose jackets on sale I am 5’3″ and weigh about 96 lbs. I ordered a size medium and it is a perfect fit. I was worried it would be too long but the length goes just a little below mid-calf which is just what I wanted. I am now less afraid of long walks with my dog this coming winter when the temps go into single digits and below.
Warm and comfy. Be careful if you are not a tall person. I’m 5’3″ 120 pounds, and I ordered a “small.” It fits well, though I’m not going to lie, a little more room in the hips would be nice. The medium would have been too big though, of that I am sure. If were any shorter, the coat would be too close to ankle length to be comfortable. I usually unzip it a bit from the bottom to make walking and getting into the car easier. Eventually, I might order a jacket length, one that is suited for “warmer” weather. I was gifted this one in December and since then, there have been only two days were the temperature has been below 20 degrees, which for Upstate NY is unusual… or not, given global warming.

canada goose jacket womens I think I’ve been dreaming of this coat for years. I am finally never cold, no matter how bitter the weather outside. And I get so many compliments on it. I was in NYC for Christmas and several strangers stopped me to say “nice coat.” My future daughter-in-law, whose taste in clothes is considerably different from mine, even asked to wear it on a quick trip to the grocery store and asked where I got it.
The one problem is the zipper, which is persnickety. It will eventually zip, but having to get the zipper started “just so” can be annoying.
This coat is expensive, but I will have it for the rest of my life and it’s a lot cheaper and more animal-friendly that a long fur.
I checked out this parka for three years in a row because it was so expensive. By the time that each year, I’d gotten to the point where I thought I’d spring for the $800, the park was sold out in my size. So the next year, I’d check it out again.

canada goose mens bomber This year, my husband noticed me on Amazon, looking at the coat, and asked me about it. Hearing my story, he suggested a deal; he’d give me half the price of the coat as my Christmas present. I said “Yes!” and, two weeks later, the coat arrived.

How many ways can I say that I love this coat? It is the warmest coat that I’ve ever worn, but for my mother’s old fur, which is about as warm. The hood is fantastic; when it’s up, you feel as though you are encased in a very warm cocoon. While this winter has not been harsh, I wore the coat on the one single-digit day that we had, and was warm as toast. This is from someone who is always cold; my sensitivity to cold is a family joke. (“It’s 65 degrees Mom; put on your hat and gloves.”)

Plus, the coat is good-looking, not clunky at all. One caveat: if you wear it over a business suit, purchase a size larger than your usual size.

canada goose jacket mens sale A week or so after I’d started to wear the coat, while shopping in a store on Madison Avenue in NYC, I was told by the salesperson, who was European, that in Europe, Canada Goose coats are so prized that people steal them out of gym lockers. I can see why. Definitely, invest in this coat; it’s a keeper!
But I can totally understand if all I had on was body paint, why she would want this coat!!!! For erratic Chicago winters, this has fit the bill as the best coat ever. Plus, in the brilliant red, I’m guaranteed to stick out in a snow drift!!!!

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I bought this coat to go to Vermont for this ski season. Its super warm with only a t-shirt & jeans underneath. I didn’t even need to wear gloves because the pockets are so well lined & warm. I get a lot of compliments on it too. I live in New York and this winter has been brutal and this coat has been a godsend. If you’re looking for a great winter coat this it!!

I bought this coat to help withstand Korean winters. It is the warmest coat I have ever owned (and I have owned expensive ($400USD+) Northface and Columbia coats. This coat has kept me warm in -13c temperatures (And expect it will when the temp drops to -18c)

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– I am not a small woman (5’8/173cm and about 75kgs. I have broad shoulders) and the large fits me perfectly. I can layer up under it or just wear a thin shirt. However, even at my height, I find the length and arms of the coat to be very long. It is almost down to my ankles (Of course this adds to the warmth). If you are any shorter than me, the L size may be too long for you. Check the sizing guides carefully.

-warmth and wind protection in extreme cold
-don’t need scarf, gloves or hat. The collar, pockets, and hood keep you warm enough.
-style – flattering and timeless

– Price. But I consider it an investment. I would recommend buying this coat if you live in cold climates with extreme winters rather than a series of cheaper coats.

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-Bulk – it can be a bit bulky on public transport (i.e. when you are sharing a seat with someone, you may accidentally take up too much space), but not excessively so, and you just need to be aware of yourself